What it's like to be a student at Kohala Adventist School


Academic Recognition

Students who show academic excellence will be awarded the school's Honor Roll or Principal's List each quarter. Honor Roll requirements are that a student must receive all A or B marks on their report card for the quarter, of which half of those must be A. Students receiving straight A marks will be awarded the highest honor of Principal's List. Students receiving these awards are eligible for possible discounts on fees for the following school year and recognition in the local newspaper.

Eighth Grade Completion Requirements

The required subject areas for completion of eighth grade:

  • Bible/Religion
  • Fine Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Reading/Language Arts (English, Handwriting, Spelling Composition)
  • Science and Health
  • Social Studies

Standardized Testing

KOA School administers the Iowa Tst of Basic Skills (ITBS) in the fall of each year for grades 3-8. We do not test students in grades K-2 as they are still in a developmental learning curriculum, preparing them for these types of academics. 

Test results are used by the faculty to identify strengths and areas needing improvement in the academic program. Adjustments are made accordingly. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences

KOA School holds Parent-Teacher Conferences the first week of November (during Election Day). Please refer to the school calendar for exact dates.

Music and Drama Performance

A regular music and drama program is being developed this year. Principal Allen Lipps has written and directed several full-length productions and works with students to help them establish their voice in varying dramatic roles. 2016-17 school year saw the production of an original Christmas program entitled, "My Deliverer is Coming," which incorporated every student in the school as an actor. Students' musical talents were polished in several areas, allowing for group ensembles and solo performances.

When a small corps of interested students can be organized with an interest for band instruments, a formal program will be formed.

Outdoor School

Each year the school organizes a camping trip with a hands-on curriculum. We occasionally partner with Mauna Loa School in Hilo or Kohala Youth Ranch to maximize the opportunity, socialization and resources. 

Students learn about everything from horses to island history to swimming and learning about marine life. The outdoor focus rotates each year.



Outdoor School - Dolphin Quest

Community Service Days

Each year includes days set aside to get students out of their chairs and into the community, finding a way to contribute. 

Whether it's cleaning up the side of an adopted highway or  performing and playing games at a convalescent wing, students learn early on how to get involved with their community and see just how much difference it makes.



September Community Service Day - Macadamia Nut Farm Harvesting