Kohala Adventist® School

Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve


Kohala Adventist K-8 School Builds Community, Character, and Quality Education.


Located in Hawi, near Kohala Seventh-day Adventist Church,

We are eager to bring out the best in our students each day.


Adventist Education has come a long way since 1853 when Martha Byington opened the first known church school for Sabbatarian Adventists in Buck's Bridge, New York. Today you'll find Adventist schools in nearly 150 countries. 85,000 teachers, 1.5 million students, 7,500 schools—the Adventist school system is one of the largest Christian educational systems in the world.

Education is not only about learning for the sake of intellectual growth. Adventists believe in developing physically, empathetically, socially and spiritually, too. You are invited to explore, experience and know the One who desires to make us whole. Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are meant to permeate your whole life, growing out of scriptures that paint a compelling portrait of an ever-loving God.


Why Adventist Education?


Adventist Education Core Curriculum Goals:

#1 - Learners will choose to accept God as their creator and the Redeemer

#2 - Learners will grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s creation.

#3 - Learners will creatively apply their spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social-emotional knowledge.

#4 - Learners will demonstrate their commitment to the Creator through service to others.


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"From the first moment on the campus, I fell in love. The schoolroom was breezy and bright, organized and calming. The principal, who is also the teacher, was just about the most perfect teacher ever and right away, I knew my boys would love and respect her."

"It is evident Ms. Lee genuinely cares about the spiritual and academic success of all her students."

"The teacher asked Darius, 'are you excited?' He answered, in a very moping voice, “sort of”. And she replied, “well, I’m so excited! I couldn’t sleep all night I was so excited!” And that is a perfect representation of who she is. A person who is perfectly matched up with what she should be doing. She is a teacher who loves teaching. "

 "Ms. Lee is a wonderful principal and teacher and
we are so lucky to have her! She is doing a fantastic job in all areas."

"Just wanted to mention how grateful we are for you this year. My kids want to come early to school and they come home very happy every day, living a full childhood. That is. a real gift in these times and we know you put so much joy into the atmosphere at KOA."

"We are so grateful for "Miss Lee". My son cherishes his time in her classroom! Thank you so much!"